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  1. AR Scavenger ícone

    AR Scavenger

    Augmented reality fun!

  2. Accordion ícone


    Create vertically stacked expandable items

  3. Arithmetic Quiz ícone

    Arithmetic Quiz

    Create time-based arithmetic quizzes

  4. Audio ícone


    Upload an audio recording

  5. Branching Scenario ícone

    Branching Scenario

    Create dilemmas and self paced learning

  6. Chart ícone


    Quickly generate bar and pie charts

  7. Collage ícone


    Create a collage of multiple images

  8. Column ícone


    Organize H5P content into a column layout

  9. Cornell Notes ícone

    Cornell Notes

    Take notes using the Cornell system

  10. Course Presentation ícone

    Course Presentation

    Create a presentation with interactive slides

  11. Crossword ícone


    Create a crossword puzzle

  12. Dialog Cards ícone

    Dialog Cards

    Create text-based turning cards

  13. Dictation ícone


    Create a dictation with instant feedback

  14. Documentation Tool ícone

    Documentation Tool

    Create a form wizard with text export

  15. Drag and Drop ícone

    Drag and Drop

    Create drag and drop tasks with images

  16. Drag the Words ícone

    Drag the Words

    Create text-based drag and drop tasks

  17. Fill in the Blanks ícone

    Fill in the Blanks

    Create a task with missing words in a text

  18. Flashcards ícone


    Create stylish and modern flashcards

  19. Guess the Answer ícone

    Guess the Answer

    Create an image with a question and answer

  20. Image Choice ícone

    Image Choice

    Create a task were the alternatives are images

  21. Image Hotspots ícone

    Image Hotspots

    Create an image with multiple info hotspots

  22. Image Sequencing ícone

    Image Sequencing

    Place images in the correct order

  23. Image Slider ícone

    Image Slider

    Easily create an Image Slider

  24. Interactive Book ícone

    Interactive Book

    Create small courses, books and tests

  25. Interactive Video ícone

    Interactive Video

    Create videos enriched with interactions

  26. Mark the Words ícone

    Mark the Words

    Create a task where users highlight words

  27. Memory Game ícone

    Memory Game

    Create the classic image pairing game

  28. Multiple Choice ícone

    Multiple Choice

    Create flexible multiple choice questions

  29. Quiz (Question Set) ícone

    Quiz (Question Set)

    Create a sequence of various question types

  30. Single Choice Set ícone

    Single Choice Set

    Create questions with one correct answer

  31. Sort the Paragraphs ícone

    Sort the Paragraphs

    Create a set of paragraphs to be sorted

  32. Structure Strip ícone

    Structure Strip

    Interactive structure strip

  33. Summary ícone


    Create tasks with a list of statements

  34. True/False Question ícone

    True/False Question

    Create True/False questions

  35. Twitter User Feed ícone

    Twitter User Feed

  36. Virtual Tour (360) ícone

    Virtual Tour (360)

    Create 360 environments with interactions